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Garden tips & advice

For organic gardening advice or tips on environmentally responsible gardening, or if you are just a garden lover, youíve come to the right place! I love gardening too, but I donít like chemicals and Iím not all that fond of work! I like to find ways to get the best results without working any harder than necessary - after all, that leaves me more time to relax and enjoy my garden.

If that strikes a chord with you, bookmark this site because you and I think alike about gardening!

Spring is here and the lawn mower may be the worse for wear. Lawn mowing should not be a chore. If it is, most likely you have the wrong lawnmower for the job - too small, wrong type of mower, a lawnmower that is difficult to start, etc. This is the last thing you need! Lawn mowing should be a pleasure, or at least, a quick and easy job. If itís not, maybe you need a new lawn-mower.

Now is a great time to buy a lawn mower. You will have a great selection to choose from and, as dealers prepare for the main lawn care season, there are some great deals on offer. So now is a great time to get the best deals. Have a look at our lawn mowers page for some tips.

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