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My name is Gerry and Iíve spent 20 years as a horticultural consultant, advising nurserymen, landscapers and gardeners on how to get results reliably, quickly and cheaply. Over that time, I discovered - and invented - many garden tricks and shortcuts which Iíd like to share with you on this site.

I guess youíre here because, like me, you like gardening but more importantly, you like just being in your garden. If thatís true, then read on because I think I can help you to minimize those tiresome chores and have more time to enjoy the fruits of your gardening labours.

Let me say at the outset, Iím not a great fan of chemicals in the garden - sure they have a place but, wherever possible, I prefer natural or organic pest and disease control. If a chemical solution is the best one for a particular problem, Iíll tell you, but if there is an environmentally friendly way of achieving the same thing, thatís the one I generally prefer.

That way, I can really enjoy my garden knowing that my children and I are not at risk from harmful residues and that the garden itself is as close to natural as is practical.

I donít particularly care for the philosophy of beating nature into submission in the garden either - you know, perfectly square hedges, immaculate lawn edges, perfect plants, pest-less flowers and so on - I can live with something less than perfection because I know thatís how nature really is!

You can contact me at:

Box 1526 Shadybrook
KS 67208
tel: (316) 687 5155
email: w-info at garden-guide dot net

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