August Gardening

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August in the Garden

Vegetables and Fruits

Water about 1 inch per week
Plant a fall garden, beets, carrots, beans, and turnips for autumn harvest
Plant transplants of broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage for fall production
Harvest crops on a regular basis for season long production

Net ripening fruit to protect from hungry birds
Fertilize strawberry bed for added flower bud development
Turn compost pile and add water when dry


Apply 1 to 1 inches of water per week
Divide irises and daylilies during this dormant period
Make last application of fertilizer to roses by mid month

Fertilize mums, hardy asters, and other fall blooming perennials
Deadhead annuals to encourage late season blossoms
Cut back and fertilize annuals to produce new growth and fall blooms

Sow hollyhocks, poppies, and larkspur for spring blooms
Prepare for fall bulb planting by making orders or researching varieties
Take cuttings from geraniums and begonias for wintering indoors


Water bluegrass once or twice a week, a total of about 1 inches of water
Water tall fescue once or twice a week, a total of 1 inch of water
Apply last application of fertilizer to zoysia by mid month

Be on the look out for grubs
Start planning for fall renovation projects such as aerating and seeding

Mow turf as needed depending on summer growth
Take a soil test to plan a feeding program

Trees and Shrubs

Water young trees every 1 to 2 weeks by thoroughly soaking the root system
Prune and shape hedges
Check mulch layers and add if needed

Check young trees and shrubs for girdling wires, and ropes from planting
Avoid fertilizing ornamentals now so they harden off before winter
Hand remove bagworms


House Plants

Water houseplants regularly and feed to promote growth
Check plants for insects such as scales, aphids, and spider mites
Wash plants to remove dust
Make cuttings and repot plants before summer sun slips away


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