Acer / Maple

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Acer or Maple

Maples (Acer) are among the most versatile of garden trees. Known mainly for their foliage, especially their striking fall colors, they have many other beautiful qualities too - interesting bark, leaf shapes and sizes, plant form and habit and many species also have very attractive flowers.

Whatever the size or style of your garden, from courtyard to parkland, there is a Maple to suit!    

Autumn Blaze® Red Maple

Acer fremanii, 'Autumn Blaze'
Full sun

The Autumn Blaze Red Maple, Acer fremanii, 'Autumn Blaze', is an extremely fast-growing maple with brilliant red fall color. Under good conditions it ... more

Box Elder Maple

Acer negundo
Sun to partial shade

The Box Elder Maple tree, Acer negundo, is also commonly known as ashleaf maple, Manitoba maple, box-elder maple, and western box-elder. This deciduou... more

Flame Amur Maple

Acer ginnala
Sun to full shade

The Flame Amur Maple tree, Acer ginnala, is usually a multi-stemmed tree, noted for its fiery-red autumn color. Its summer color is green, but is mixe... more

Japanese Red Maple

Acer palmatum atropurpureum
Full sun to partial shade

The Japanese Red Maple tree, Acer Palmatum Autropurpeum, is by far, one of the most popular ornamental plants in the plant kingdom. This small deciduo... more

London Sycamore

Platanus x acerifolia 'Bloodgood'
Full sun

The London Sycamore tree, Platanus Acerifolia, or Bloodgood Sycamore is a large tree. The tree will reach a height of 85 feet and a spread of 70 feet.... more

Red Maple

Acer rubrum
Full sun to full shade

The Red Maple tree, Acer rubrum, is a deciduous tree which will typically grow 40-60' tall with a rounded to oval crown. In northern states, red maple... more

Red Maple - Autumn Flame

Acer rubrum 'Autumn Flame'
Full sun to partial shade

The Autumn Flame® Red Maple tree, Acer rubrum, 'Autumn Flame', is a fast growing tree that is also one of the first trees to show fall color. The Autu... more

Red Maple - October Glory

Acer rubrum 'October Glory'
Sun to partial shade

The October Glory Red Maple tree, Acer rubrum 'October Glory', is one of the best and most popular of the Red Maple cultivars. October Glory Red Maple... more

Red Maple - Red Sunset

Acer rubrum 'Red Sunset'
Full sun

The Red Sunset® Red Maple tree, Acer Rubrum Red Sunset, is considered one of the best trees for early fall color! This is a large deciduous tree that ... more

Silver Maple

Acer saccharinum
Sun to partial shade

The Silver Maple tree, Acer Saccharinum, is a medium to large fast growing tree. The species is ideal for wet bottomland sites and can easily recover ... more

Sugar Maple

Acer saccharum
Sun to partial shade

The Sugar Maple tree, Acer Saccharum, is one of our most majestic deciduous trees. It is excellent for large shade or lawn locations. The Sugar Maple ... more

Trident Maple

Acer buergerianum
Full sun to partial shade

The Trident Maple tree, Acer Buergerianum, is a deciduous, 20-30 foot-high by 25-foot-wide tree in the wild. The Trident Maple has beautiful 3-inch-wi... more


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