Caterpillar control

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Organic caterpillar control

Caterpillars come in a wide range of sizes and colors, but they are all the young stage of a a butterfly or moth.

A few is no bad bad thing in the garden - you get some butterflies fluttering about. But if you have too many, you may need to control their numbers.


Bulls-Eye™ BioInsecticide targets garden troublemakers but leaves their natural enemies alone.

A member of a totally new class of pest control, naturally-derived
Bulls-Eye achieves results like nothing else now available to organic gardeners.

And donít forget, birds are marvellous caterpillar eating machines!  Do all you can to encourage birds in the garden by using bird feeders, bird-baths, nest boxes, etc.  Youíll have the added bonus of birdsong in the garden.

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