Gifts for Gardeners

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christmas gifts for gardeners

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Gardening gifts

Gifts for gardeners can be tricky if youíre not a gardener yourself. Use the buttons to the left to find a selection of gifts for gardeners that I can tell you will be more than acceptable to most gardeners - well I know any of them would be very acceptable to me!

Christmas gifts for gardeners

To save you some time, I have compiled a selection of
Christmas gifts for gardeners.

Top of my own wishlist is this
Felco No7 pruner. This is the RollsRoyce of pruners, the one the professionals use! I had one for years until I lost it. Having used one of these, I just donít want to use anything else! The handle rotates as you squeeze it so you donít get blisters, it cuts like a dream, the blades can be removed for sharpening, its light but powerful - what more can I say? - I love it and I want another one!
Oh, yes, it even comes in a
left-handed version - now thatís class!

Check out my other garden gift recommendations here and Happy Holidays to you and yours.

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