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Choices, choices - the world is full of garden products, all of which claim to be the answer to your gardening prayers!

What we try to do here is to cut through that confusion and save you some time by pointing you to best-buy garden products, garden tools and gardening suppliers that we have tried and we know do the job they are supposed to.

Mowers and Equipment


For lawn mowers, garden tools and general tools and equipment, it is hard to beat NorthernTool - great prices, nationwide delivery and priced to appeal to the professional gardener. All of which makes them our preferred supplier for all kinds of garden equipment.


Pest and Disease control


Organic pest and disease control, garden and lawn fertilizers, and specialised garden materials can be hard to find. GardensAlive have a huge range of environmentally friendly and organic garden products and are well worth a look. They also have an extensive range of articles on all aspects of organic gardening.



Garden Grills & Barbecues


There are few pleasures to rival that of a well prepared barbecue on a summerís evening. Fresh air, birdsong, evening sunlight, woodsmoke, mouthwatering food and a fine wine! Buy or build a decent barbecue - you will use it more often, enjoy it more and get far more pleasure from it.

garden grills & barbecues

Garden Furniture


Garden dining sets come in all shapes, sizes and materials. My own preference is for hardwood but cast-iron, aluminium and plastic dining sets all have their place. Take your time choosing a dining set - you will live with it for a long time and use it during your leisure time so choose a goos set that suits your garden and your own personal style.

garden dining sets





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