January Gardening

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January in the Garden

Vegetables and Fruits

Pick up and discard fallen fruit before spring arrives.
As nursery catalogs begin to arrive, look for plants with improved insect and disease resistance.
Order fruit trees


Check out the seed catalogs and prepare your seed order.
Get unplanted spring bulbs in the ground as soon as possible.
Start some seeds, depending on growing requirements.
Water fall planted perennials to prevent dry soil conditions.
Watch for signs of frost heaving and cover tender roots.
Replace mulch layers.
Check bulbs in storage for rot and decay. Discard damaged ones.
Curl up with a good book and learn more about gardening.


Avoid walking on frozen lawns. It may injure the grass.
Rake fallen leaves that pile up on the lawn to prevent suffocation of grass.
Scatter snow instead of piling it up on the lawn next to drives and walks.
OK, its a nice idea! Maybe you should think about getting a snow-blower?

Trees and Shrubs

Gently brush heavy snow from tree and shrub limbs to reduce damage.
Allow ice to melt naturally from limbs. Do not use water to melt the ice or attempt to knock it off.
Prune storm damaged limbs quickly to reduce further damage and prevent tearing of the bark.
 Bring twigs of flowering trees and shrubs indoors to force blossoms.

 Water fall planted trees and shrubs when the soil is dry but not frozen.

 Watch out for rabbit damage to the bark of trees and shrubs.


Clean and repair garden tools during the winter.
Sand and seal tool handles to prevent splinters. Apply brightly colored paint to handles. It makes them easier to spot when you misplace them in the garden.

Keep bird feeders and water supplies filled for the feathered friends.

Take photos of the garden.


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