July Gardening

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July in the Garden

Vegetables and Fruits

Harvest fruits of your labor and enjoy!
Control weeds to preserve water and nutrients
Feed vegetables to encourage plant development

Prepare for fall gardening. Plant potatoes, broccoli, and other fall crops
Check sweet corn for corn earworms as silks emerge

Remove old raspberry canes' afer harvest


Remove faded flowers from annuals to encourage more flowers for late summer color, and from perennials to prevent reseeding

Cut fresh bouquets for enjoyment on hot summer days
Lightly fertilize annuals to promote growth

Dig, divide, and replant-crowded irises
Feed roses for fall blossoms

Fertilize and water container gardens
Think about an automatic watering system!


Mow bluegrass and tall fescue around 3 to 3 1/2 inches
Mow zoysia at 1 1/2 inches
Fertilize zoysia to encourage summer growth with a high nitrogen fertilizer

Be on the lookout for summer diseases such as brown patch
Watch for grubs. If there are a lot, control may be required.
Apply in late July or early August.

Take a soil test to prepare for fall lawn renovation
Water deeply and less often for deep roots and a healthy lawn

Trees and Shrubs

Water newly planted shrubs and young trees (planted within the last three to five years) during dry weather
Keep plants mulched to conserve moisture and cool roots
Remove sucker growth from the base of trees and roses
Prune diseased, dead, or hazardous limbs


Water weekly by deeply soaking the soil.
Use a drip or seep irrigation system to help reduce disease development.

Take photos of gardens to cheer yourself next winter!


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