June Gardening

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June in the Garden

Vegetables and Fruits

Feed strawberries and water regularly to promote new growth
Plant another crop of sweet corn and green beans
Watch tomatoes for pests

Mulch crops for moisture conservation and weed control
Continue regular fruit disease and insect checks

Remove sucker growth from base of trees and along branches
Pinch herbs to keep them bushy and fresh with new growth
Turn compost pile and keep moist for a quicker breakdown


Deadhead spent flowers to keep the plant flowering
Remove flower stalks from peonies and iris

Mulch flower gardens to conserve moisture, control weeds and cool the soil
Water plants as needed

Check plants for insects
Remove dead foliage from spring bulbs
Water and feed container plants to encourage growth and flowering


Raise mowing height on bluegrass and tall fescue to 3" or 3 "
This will make lawns more heat resistant

Let grass clippings fall for nutrient recycling
Water sparingly to increase drought tolerance during heat of summer.
 Check lawn mower engine oil and add or change according to owners' manual

Trees and Shrubs

Mulch around the bases of trees and shrubs to conserve moisture
Prune pines and spruces to shape and control size
Water newly planted trees and shrubs as needed

Prune spring flowering shrubs
Do not damage tree trunks with mowers and weed whips

Check for aphid and two-spotted spider mite on shrubs
Clip hedges as needed to maintain shape

House plants

Feed throughout the summer months to encourage growth
Wash leaves to remove dust

Take cuttings to start new plants
Prune and shape plants as needed

Repot plants as needed in 1" larger containers
Check regularly for insect problems


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