November Gardening

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November in the Garden

Vegetables and Fruits

Sort apples in storage and remove spoiled fruit.
Remove fallen fruit from around trees to reduce insects and disease next year.

Protect trunks of fruit trees from rabbit damage with tree wraps.
Take a soil test and make needed adjustments this fall.
Till garden soil and add organic matter.


Clean up the rose bed to help reduce disease next season.
Cut back tall rose canes to 24 inched to prevent winter breakage.
Remove frost-killed annuals.
Till annual flower beds and add organic matter to improve soil.

Continue to plant spring flowering bulbs.
Depending on preference, leave or cut back perennial stalks to 4 to 6 inches.
Apply a winter mulch to perennials and roses after several hard freezes.


Rake fallen leaves from the lawn to prevent winter suffocation.
Fertilize cool season lawns, bluegrass and tall fescue, with a quick release high nitrogen fertilizer to promote root development and early spring green up.
If needed, water turf so its starts winter with ample moisture.

Continue to mow into the fall at 2 to 3 inches.

Trees and Shrubs

Plant new trees and shrubs.
Water newly planted trees and shrubs.

Rake leaves and place in compost pile.
Check mulch layers and replenish.
Prune dead or hazardous limbs.
Donít prune spring flowering trees and shrubs until after bloom


Clean and oil garden tools, sprayers, and other equipment.
Drain garden hoses and sprinklers and store indoors for increased life.
If you decide to leave them outside, unscrew them from the faucets.
If fuel is to remain in power equipment, add fuel stabilizer. Otherwise, drain gas from power equipment for winter storage. Make any needed repairs.

Protect ornamental and fruit trees and young plants from rabbit damage by wrapping or enclosing in wire screen.
Start a compost pile with fall leaves.
Turn compost pile to hasten breakdown.

Start planning for next year

Make sure your friends and family know you really would prefer a good gardening book, or a handtool, to another pair of socks this Christmas!


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