October Gardening

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October in the Garden

Vegetables and Fruits

Plant garlic cloves for next summer's harvest

After a light frost, dig sweet potatoes and cure them for two weeks
Harvest peanuts and roast for a homegrown snack.
Pick pumpkins and winter squash. Keep in a warm area for a couple of weeks, and then store in a cool, dry place.

Till the garden at the end of the season and add organic matter such as manure or compost to improve the soil structure.
Remove hulls from black walnuts to retain good color of the kernels.
Continue to harvest apples.
Pick up and compost fallen fruit to reduce disease next year.


Plant spring flowering bulbs, such as tulips, daffodils, and crocus

Remove dead annuals from the garden.
Trim perennial stalks to tidy the garden for winter.
Pot bulbs for indoor forcing.
Clean up dead iris and peony foliage and destroy it to reduce spread of disease.
After a light frost, dig canna, gladiolus and dahlias for winter storage.


Continue to mow the lawn if necessary
Core aerate turf to reduce soil compaction, improve drainage, break up thatch, and help nutrients move into the soil.

Check oil level in your lawn mower.
Keep fallen leaves removed from the lawn to prevent dieback on grass.

Trees and Shrubs

Plant new trees and shrubs and keep them watered during dry winter months.
Once the leaves have fallen, transplant trees and shrubs.
Trim dead, broken, or diseased branches from trees and shrubs.
Enjoy the fall leaf color - it is as glorious as full bloom in summer!


Drain and store garden hoses and sprinklers for winter.
Prepare the compost pile for winter. Add new materials and turn.
Store unused or harvested seeds in a cool, dry location.


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