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Garden Pest Control

Aphids or Greenfly

Aphids are among the most common of all garden pests. Greenfly breed incredibly rapidly on a whole range of plants. But the good news is that aphids do have natural enemies who will help you keep them in check!

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aphids on roses
whitefly on mint


Whitefly is a real scourge in summer and in greenhouses or on pot-plants. Whitefly are exrtremely difficult to shift once they get out of hand. Chemicals donít work well due to the high level of resistance in whiteflies.

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Slugs just love your seedlings and soft plants like hostas, salads and most things green. But slugs are betrayed by their linking for an easy meal or even a beer - yup, I said beer!

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slugs on lettuce


Caterpillars are not all bad - after all, thatís where butterflies come from. But too much of anything is a nuisance. There are lots of ways of keeping harmful caterpillars in check without making your garden sterile.

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Other pests

There are a whole host of other pests but the good news is - there are envirnmentally reponsible controls for most of them - Two-spotted-spider-mite, Colorado Beetle, Vine weevil, Cutworm, Borers and many, many more.

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colorado beetle

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