Miscellaneous pests

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Pest control - other garden pests

There is whole range of other garden pests that might afflict you but if you garden environmentally, your pest problems will be minimised and you will have the added comfort of knowing that your garden is safe for you and your loved ones.

Oil-Away™ Insecticidal Spray is one of the best controls. Use it on vegetables, roses and flowers all summer.

colorado beetle on potato

For quick pest knockdown use Pyola™ Insecticidal Spray.

Aphids are among the pests most easily controlled by biological methods.
Green Lacewings are excellent predators, and
Lady Beetles help reduce heavy populations.

Yellow Sticky Traps help control the small number of flying aphids that may appear indoors or on individual plants outdoors.

For pests of orchards and ornamental trees and shrubs, Surround At Home suppresses aphids with minimal disruption of the natural cycles.

Neem-Away™ Insect Spray also repels many other garden pests.

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