September Gardening

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September in the Garden

Vegetables and Fruits

Pick apples and pears and store in a cool place to keep them fresh
Harvest pumpkins when flesh is completely orange
Harvest winter squash when rind is hard enough to puncture with fingernail

Plant lettuce, spinach, and radishes
Remove weeds before they go to seed

Herbs can be dug from garden and placed in pots for indoor use this winter
Remove small tomatoes from vines to let bigger ones mature


Plant spring flowering bulbs, tulips, daffodils, and others
Dig, divide, or plant peonies
Divide perennials, especially spring bloomers   

Plant chrysanthemums for fall color
Dig gladiolus as foliage begins to yellow and air dry before storing for winter
Clean up to reduce insects and disease as plants die back for winter

Enrich soil by adding organic matter such as peat moss or compost


Plant or sod new bluegrass or tall fescue lawns
Renovate bluegrass or tall fescue lawns by verticuttting
Core aerate cool season turf

Feed cool season grasses with high nitrogen fertilizer
Mow turf at 2 to 3 inches and sharpen blade for a clean cut

Trees and Shrubs

Plant trees and shrubs, deciduous and evergreen
Rake up fallen leaves and compost them

Prune broken and dead branches from trees
Donít prune spring flowering shrubs like lilac and forsythia to get spring flowers

Hand pick bagworms to reduce problem in future

House Plants

Bring plants in before temperatures drop into the fifties
Clean and wash before moving indoors to reduce insects
Fertilize before winter conditions arrive and growth slows


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