Slug control

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Organic slug control

Brown to grayish, up to 2" long, a slug looks like a snail without a shell. Slug eggs are laid in jelly-like masses under debris in damp areas. Slugs live a year or more and develop slowly. In spring, they are one of the first pests to feed on seedlings and ornamentals, eating large holes and leaving a slimy trail. Slugs and snails like tender leaf growth of peas, lettuce and other greens; hostas and other perennials.

slugs like hosta

Escar-Go!™ Slug & Snail Control is very effective. Slugs and snails are attracted to the bait and stop feeding shortly after eating it.

Plant beds may be protected by dribbling a 2" ring of Slug-Out to keep slugs out of an area to be protected.

Slug Saloon traps may be used to monitor slug population levels

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